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7th September 2020 / Thirty Seventh (37th) Annual General Meeting of the “Indian Silk Export Promotion Council” (ISEPC)



 ISEPC/ 37th AGM (9)/2020-21                                                                                                       7th September 2020


Notice is hereby given that the Thirty Seventh (37th) Annual General Meeting of the“Indian Silk Export Promotion Council” (ISEPC) will be held at 3.00 PM on Tuesday, the 29th September 2020, at New Delhi, through Video Conferencing (“VC”) / OtherAudio Visual Means (“OAVM”), to transact the following business:

Ordinary Business:

1. To receive, consider and adopt Annual Report of the Committee of Administration of ISEPC, on the Annual Activities of the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council, for the period under report from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020;

2. To receive, consider and adopt the “Audited Financial Statement” of the Council for the year ended on 31st March, 2020, together with Auditor’s Report, thereon;

For & on behalf of the Committee of Administration of

The Indian Silk Export Promotion Council


 (T.S. Chadha)

 Officiating Executive Director,

ISEPC, New Delhi, India;


Encls: as above

Prepared by sk


1. In view of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (“MCA”) has vide its circular dated May 5, 2020 read with circulars dated April 8, 2020 and April 13, 2020 (collectively referred to as“MCA Circulars”) permitted the holding of the Annual General Meeting (“AGM” or “Meeting”) through VC /OAVM, without the physical presence of the Members at a common venue. In compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 (“Act”) and MCA Circulars, the AGM of the Company is being held through VC / OAVM;

2. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, a Member entitled to “Attend and Vote” at the AGM is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his / her behalf and the proxy need not be a “Member of the Company”. Since this edition of AGM is being held pursuant to the MCA Circulars on AGM through VC / OAVM, physical attendance of Members has been dispensed with. Accordingly, the facility for Appointment of proxies by the Members will not be available for the AGM and hence, the “Proxy Form” and “Attendance Slip” are not annexed to this Notice;

3. Members intending to authorize their Representatives to attend the Meeting are requested to send a scanned “certified copy” of the board resolution (pdf/jpeg format) Authorizing their Representative to Attend and Vote on their behalf at the Meeting. The said Resolution / Authorization shall be sent to this Council by email through its registered email address to; with a copy marked to;

4. Members seeking any information with regard to the accounts or any matter to be placed at the AGM, are requested to write to the Council on or before 15th September 2020 through email on The same will be replied by the Council suitably. Documents referred to in this Notice will be made available for inspection as per applicable statutory requirements;

5. The AGM Meeting shall be deemed to be held at the Registered office of the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council at 1302-04, Ansal Tower, 38 Nehru Place, New Delhi- 110019, India;

6. Since the AGM will be held through VC / OAVM, the route map to the venue is not annexed to this Notice;

7. Members can send their requests, if any, to &;

8. Members are advised to notify, if any, change in their address, alongwith pin code number, mobile number of authorized representative and email IDs;

9. Explanatory Statement pursuant to Section 102 of the Companies Act, 2013 is not required, as there is no “Special Business”;



a)    Facility of joining the AGM through VC / OAVM shall open 15 minutes before the time scheduled for the AGM and will be available for Members on first come first served basis;

b)    The link for VC/OAVM will be mailed to all concerned;

c)     Members are advised to join the Meeting through “Laptops / iPads” for better experience, in place of mobile instruments;

d)    Further Members will be required to switch on the video facility and use Internet connection with a good speed to avoid any disturbance during the Meeting;

e)     Please note that participants connecting from Mobile Devices or Tablets or through Laptop connecting via Mobile Hotspot may experience Audio / Video loss due to fluctuations in their respective networks. It is therefore, recommended to use stable Wi-Fi or LAN connection to minimise / mitigate any kind of aforesaid glitches;

f)     Members who would like to express their views / ask questions during the Meeting may register themselves as a speaker by sending their request in advance mentioning their name, and other particulars, email ID, mobile number at Email IDs at & what’s app No +9899573797;

g)    Those Members who have registered themselves as a speaker will only be allowed to express their views/ ask questions during the Meeting.



(Sanjeev Kr Sharma)

Sr Director & Chief Information Officer

ISEPC, New Delhi India


Copy for information & reference:

1. Statutory Auditors – ISEPC;

2. All concerned;

3. All Departments;