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Customs clearance on the basis of self-certified copies of PTA/FTA certificates

ISEPC Cir No 82/CustomClearance SCC/2020-21                                                                                                               24th April, 2020



All Members of the Council;


Subject: Customs clearance on the basis of self-certified copies of PTA/FTA certificates in case of DPD / AEO Clients – Facilitation through email facility for AEO/DPD importers in the COVID-19 situation:Reg:

Dear Member,

This is to inform you that the JNCH (Nhava Sheva) has issued a Public Notice No.59/2020 dated 22nd April, 2020 on the above subject.

Your kind attention is invited to the Public Notice No. 31/2017 dtd. 09th March, 2017, Public Notice No. 50/2020 dtd. 09th April, 2020 and Public Notice No.128/2016 dated 26th September, 2016 issued by JNCH, with reference to Board's Instruction No.31/2016-Customs dated 12th September, 2016, wherein the Board has clarified rules regarding rules of Origin under Free/Preferential Trade Agreements and the verification of referential Certificates of Origin.

With respect to Direct Port Delivery (DPD) and Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) clients, they can clear goods based on photo copy of COO Certificate as per PN No. 31/2017 dt. 09th March, 2017. In such cases, the Assessment Group has to verify the status of importer as to whether they are DPD or AEO client or not and verify the Seals and Signature of COO Certificate and enter the details in the prescribed Register and enter Srl. No. of Regster on photocopy of COO Certificate.

In order to further reduce need for physical visits to JNCH and to facilitate trade, it is now being provided that Importer/CB shall upload copy of COO Certificate in E-Sanchit, for which the following procedures shall be followed:-

1. For the BE which directly comes to RMS-FC for OOC, RMS-FC will send an e-mail to the concerned Assessment Group’s official e-mail id requesting to verify the copy of COO Certificate as uploaded in E-Sanchit by the CB/Importer and to enter necessary details in the Register. This email will also be endorsed to DC/AC Group;

2. The Assessment Group will send a return confirmation email to the RMS-FC email id of importer having fulfilled the requirements under PN No 31/2017 dated 09.03.2017 and relevant information.;

3. The email from Assessment Group is to be endorsed also to AC, RMS-FC at Based on this email, RMS-FC will give OOC;

4. For the BE which goes to the Assessment Group before coming to RMS-FC, the Assessment Group shall enter the details in the Register based on the COO Certificate uploaded in E-Sanchit and forward the BE to RMS-FC with the comment of importer having fulfilled the requirements under PN No 31/2017 dated 09.03.2017;

5. Based on this comment, RMS-FC will give OOC.;

6. If the Importer/CB has not uploaded the copy of the COO Certificate in E-Sanchit, either the Assessment Group or RMS-FC may raise a query in the ICES for the BE asking for such uploading;

In case of any difficulty, members may kindly contact the Joint Commissioner, RMS-FC at Please note that the officer at RMSFC and Assessment Groups shall ensure daily complete disposal.

Members may kindly make a note of the above.


With best regards,

Sanjeev Kr Sharma

Sr Director – ISEPC

New Delhi, India

Mobile #: +9899573797

Email Id:;