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5th December 2018 / Inviting applications for participation in Global Sources Fair at Hong Kong from 27-30 April 2019

To All Members of the ISEPC


Sub: Regarding inviting applications for participation in Global Sources Fair at Hong Kong from 27-30 April 2019. 


The Indian Silk Export Promotion Council had been organizing participation in Global Sources Fair at Hong Kong in April each year which is a recognized fair for sourcing textiles garments, accessories and fashion jewellery. As usual the Council has included the proposal for funding in the Action Plan submitted to DoC through MoT under approved MAI Scheme. The proposal is under consideration and likely to be approved. However, the Council has signed an agreement with the organizer to participate in the event with 40 member exporters. Since the activity has not yet been sanctioned nor the quantum of grant is known to the Council, the Council cannot accept participation on subsidized rates. Hence the Council is inviting applications from interested participants to apply on self funding basis as under which includes usual additional facilities such as complimentary tea/coffee/lunch etc:-


  1. For a built up standard stand of 9 sq mtr                                    = Rs. 3,13,000/-
  2. For a premium stand in main aisle of 18 sq mtr,                          = Rs. 7,84,000/-
  3. For a premium stand in Rear aisle of 18 sq mtr                            = Rs. 7,74,000/-



1.   The applicants for prime location will be given choice of location subject to full payment and availability of stand on first come first serve basis.

2.   The applicants for standard stand shall be allotted stands by draw of lot subject to full payment by stipulated date.

The applications for participation must accompany atleast 50% as advance payment and balance to be payable before draw of lottery for allotment of stand and for premium stands on making 100% payment before exercising choice of location.

The Council will not entertain any request for withdrawal of participation once payment is made and stand is allotted. However, incase of advance payment, the request for withdrawal on genuine grounds shall be entertained before allotment of stands.

MAI Grant:-

Once the activity is approved and sanction issued, the Council will work out subsidized participation rates for eligible applicants and revised circular shall be issued. The difference in amount of participation charges paid as per the circular and the revised circular shall be refunded immediately to the eligible applicants. The participants shall also be eligible for reimbursement of air travel cost only (for 1 person) subject to approval by the DoC.

Members are requested to send their confirmation of participation with 50% advance payment in case of standard stand and with 100% incase of premium stand and exercising choice of available stands for allotment. Since the number of stands are limited, the allotment will be on first come first serve basis subject to fulfillment ofcriteria as laid down above and subject to eligibility under MAI Guidelines.


Click on the link Below to download the application form:


  5th December 2018 / Inviting applications for participation in Global Sources Fair at Hong Kong from 27-30 April 2019