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Circular inviting participation of Member Exporters for Premium stands in Global Sources Fair at Hong Kong 27-30 October 2018

The Members of the Indian Silk Export Promotion Council are aware that the Council has been successfully participating in Global Sources Fair in April and October each year which has gained popularity amongst exporter of fashion accessories. Although the ISEPC was not provided funding for the above activity by the DOC under MAI.

However, Council has moved a proposal to the DOC for subsidizing the participation in the above fair. The ISEPC, therefore, call for application for participation in the above activity on payment of full amount as mentioned in the second Para. However, incase the DOC concur and sanction grant, the Council will reimburse the available fund to the participant on proportionate basis after deduction Council handling fees and the participants shall also become eligible for travel grant on conclusion of the event provided they fulfill the criteria laid down in the operational guidelines of MAI Scheme of the DOC.


In view of large numbers of exporters approaching this Council to continue the activity and want to book their stalls and to provide them a continuous opportunity to showcase their products in this fair, it has been decided by the Management of the ISEPC that the activity be organized on self funding basis. The Council has acquired stands to build up an India Pavilion to accommodate nearly 30 participants. Due to collective booking, the charges for a built up stand of 9 sq mtr shall be much less than what the organizer is charging from the exporters participating in the activity directly. Thus it is an opportunity to be availed by all those who wish to participate. The rates shall be as under:

For a standard 9 sq mtr stand     

Rs. 2,95,000/-

For a premium stand in main  aisle of 18 sq mtr                                                                                                

Rs. 5,90,000 + Rs. 1,58,000

= Rs. 7,48,000/-

For a premium stand in Rear  aisle of 18 sq mtr       

Rs. 5,90,000 + Rs. 1,48,000

= Rs. 7,38,000/-

The location of stands in India Pavilion can be provided if desired for a choice of booking on first come first serve basis subject to availability.  

Withdrawal/Cancellation rules  shall apply as per ISEPC established norms or as decided the by the Committee at that time.  

Members are requested to send their confirmation of participation with payment of    Rs. 1,00,000/- as advance. The balance will be asked for on confirmation of allotment.-